Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Video Game Nostalgia

As the first real generation of life long video gamers firmly enters adulthood, there has been an incredible re-surgence of older video games.

And why not. . . There are plenty of financial reasons for game publishers to do this as we are all finally earning the means to purchase whatever games we want, but this is a boring reason.

I prefer a more sentimental one.

Eventually, the entertainment that a game provides becomes something that you take ownership of, remembering fondly the hours you spent playing it, and the ways you made it your own interactive experience.

This is much the same for me as remembering the first time I saw a memorable movie.

Part of what brings these pieces of entertainment back to us fondly is that we actually ended up developing part of our personality around them.

I was just discussing Star Trek TOS with a friend of mine. By today's standards, I may not really think that the original series offers much entertainment value at all, but I get some variety of warmth remembering when I first watched it, exposing me to such RADICAL concepts as a world where Russians and Americans were at peace and blacks and whites could kiss on TV.

If we apply this same reasoning to old video games, I can clearly say that while going back and playing a game like The Seven Cities of Gold
for my Commodore 64 may not carry much in the way of current entertainment value, I remember that through this game I was able to learn navigation techniques and was free to explore in my imagination a time in history that helped shape my own adult desires to learn and explore. More over, I owned the experience that I had with the game because I controlled it.

If somehow the video game era has passed you by and you're wondering what the fuss is all about just do a quick comparison in your mind. Think of some iconic symbol of your childhood or adolescence and play it back in your mind, maybe something like the theme song to the Facts of Life or the Never Ending story or even a shriveled little alien saying "phone home." (or if these don't work for you something better)

Now replace that moment with the catchy little jingle that plays when Pacman dies, Pitfall Joe swings on a vine, or Mario bumps a coin and you're probably close to understanding the same feelings that us old gamers get all tingly about.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Something that Surprised me

The number of motorcycles parked at my office everyday.

More than 10 less than 20 by 9am

Granted, I work at a big company, but I don't know anyone here who rides one.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I apologize to my blog

I've neglected you blog - sorry (not really)

On generosity:

I've sort of lost that thing inside me that somehow reminds me to be guilty for not being more generous.

I think that if you aren't satisfied with the amount of time you spend not being selfish it means that you aren't meeting some sort of standard that you've set for yourself.

Or that others have set for you.

I feel more and more like I am meeting my own personal standard. I guess thats whats happening because I don't really have that thing reminding me to be more generous than I already am.

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