Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Stuff

I can't log into my gmail account. I'm pretty sure I remember the password too, but nothing works, and when I request that they send a password reset to my secondary e-mail addy nothing arrives. Anyone ever had this problem?

As a result of researching this, I spent some time in my junk e-mail folder. Here is a quick sampling of subjects:

1. Does someone you love have diabetes

2. Wish you had a bigger !%pencil

3. Prepare your love wand for the next battle

Saturday, November 03, 2007


I didn't describe what we did on our first stop in Sydney. It was awesome - we kicked that town's ass.

We stayed in a trendy-ish part of town called "The Rocks." We made it into a B&B that is in an 18th century dwelling down there. It wasn't the ritz but we liked it. Somewhat chilly at night, but the weather was actually sunny and beautiful during the day with temperatures hovering in the 60's and 70's

Here's a brief list of what we did. Notice that we don't really go to museums anymore. After living and studying in Europe, we've been to enough:
1) Right off the plane, lunch on the harbor down on "The Rocks"

2) Second day off to the Zoo and Aquarium (took the ferries across the harbor)

3) Convict barracks um . . . museum (the only one and it was neat)

4) Saw a play with Geoffrey Rush - Ionesco absurdism and it was Geoff's birthday. He was great

5) Australia v S.Africa rugby match at the Olympic stadium

6) Shopping and exploring including Chinatown

I picked up an Australian lambskin leather coat and we looked for cheap DVDs in Chinatown, but weren't inspired to pick up the entire run of MI5 for $19 AUD.

We had a great meal one night with seafood and the best bottle of wine the entire trip. I don't recall the vinyard, but it was a W.Australia Viognier - good stuff.

Excuse the messy picture layout up top please.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Finishing up on the Gold Coast

Our last full day on the Gold Coast, we drove up near Brisbane to a Koala sanctuary. This was something we had planned to do before we left on the trip. We had it marked a 'must see.'

The big draw at this particular zoological facility is that they have the most Koalas of any sanctuary in the world, and they let you hold them and have your picture taken.

Koalas eat the entire time they are awake, so you have to get the pic while they are eating. Which is very cute. We've got a pic of Laura holding a Koala named 'Gandalf.'

At this same park you were also able to walk right up to Kangaroos and feed them by hand. It was kinda scary at first, but you figured out pretty quick that mama kangaroo was just interested in the food bag in your hand - not kicking you with her hind legs like a cartoon.

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