Friday, December 14, 2007

We'd affectionately named her Dolores because of her early audible speaker squeek when the Cranberries were played loudly on her Chrysler factory stereo.

Last night Dolores met an untimely end when she was stolen from in front of our apartment. The broken glass and missing car were the biggest clues as to what had happened althought I did think "Was I towed for parking too close to the corner?" I wasn't.

One of our neighbors said he saw our car about 15 minutes before I found it was stolen and we flagged down a policeman who just happened to be driving by. He said that because we reported it so early that he thought they'd find the car and they did.

Not more than 2 hours after it was stolen, Dolores wasinvolved in a hit and run accident in west Dallas. She was the 'Hit' and our thief did the 'Run.' The victim did not have a description of the Dolores' driver.

Right now she's in the city impound lot where she was towed last night. We have to go check it out tomorrow and report to our insurance company what condition she's in. My guess is that her time has come to an end.

Financially its not such a big deal. She's paid for and had several big problems that would have really cut into her sale price. One problem was an oil leak and another hail damage. Both had been quoted as being over $1000 to repair. Her bluebook value was probably around only $2k so given the damage, I don't think I would have ever been able to sell or trade her for anything at all. This way the insurance company will probably give me around $2k for her so that is a bonus.

Personally, we are starting to question our safety in Munger Place. Dolores was broken into twice since the beginning of October (this was the third). There have been other incidents in our apartments and in the houses on our street. We are planning on making a move somewhere as soon as we figure out where/if Laura will be studying next year.

Since Laura does have such a flexible schedule right now, I think we are going to live with just one car for a while. This will be a bit of an inconvenience, but we are pretty experienced when it comes to getting around without a car - at least in France we were.

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know. Dad helped us pay for her which we really appreciated and she was a great car for four years. I thought about getting rid of her several times this year, but the pro's always outweighed the cons.

If this is indeed the end then thank you for your consistent and reliable years of service Dolores, we will miss you.

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