Friday, May 30, 2008

More Vacation

We went to Nassau in The Bahamas for a short trip.

We chose to go to the Bahamas because of the close proximity and the fact that there is a direct flight from Dallas. This made it easy to get in and out in 3 nights like we planned.

We stayed at an all inclusive resort which you can't really find inside the US, but the Bahamas are so close to Florida that it made me wonder why they were never annexed. John Adams must not have thought it was worth it to try and steal them from Britain. He also must have had forsight enough to know that we'd all want to go there for the in-room liquor dispensers.

We didn't really do anything Bahamian at all, just sat on the beach or in our room and watched the waves. It was nice and we considered staying an extra night, but ultimately decided not to, partly because I didn't sleep very well in our room which was otherwise great. I slept so poorly our last night that we both woke up very early and watched the sunrise.

We should have stayed - boy we should have.

Our 4pm departing flight was delayed and then finally cancelled at 8pm after they had us disembark 2x!

We ended up checking into a Sheraton around 9:30 and had to wake again before 4am to get a flight to Miami at 6:30. It sucked and I soooo wish we'd just stayed the extra night in the first place to avoid all the hassel.

Even though we got back to Dallas before noon, I still called in to work - 7 hours of sleep in 2 days is not enough for a 10 hour shift. I did call my boss and tell her to call me if there was a strike in India or anything severe. She didn't call.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Tudors - Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about this show. I'm only watching season 1 right now and while I have to admit I am really interested in the fictionalization of the history, the sex is outrageous.

L and I keep Wikipedia open while watching it to check facts and refresh our memory on the history, its really fascinating, but the show at times almost seems obligated to show you some boobs.

In a couple of episodes there has literally been a meaningless sex scene. Henry sees woman - Cut - Woman is naked. More than once the naked recipient of Henry's love doesn't even have any lines and is never featured in the show again - Thats pretty much the definition of soft core.

The thing that really made me question the show was when they proceeded to show us Mary Boleyn giving the kings royal scepter a bit of oral satisfaction. They basically just stopped short of showing his actual wang - again soft core.

In spite of the obligatory Showtime moment (and sometimes because of it) the show is pretty good. I recommend checking this one out on DVD, but I wouldn't recommend watching it with your mom.

Unless of course you don't mind watching doggie style with your mom - then go ahead.

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